Support the Choir

Why Give?

Our Lady of the RoadMembers of the choir at Our Lady of the Road (the daytime drop-in center for the Catholic Worker in South Bend.)

Gifts help support our music ministry both on campus, in our local community, and as we travel the globe. We strive to serve others and to bring beauty into the world through our prayerful song as we all grow closer to Christ! 

"The world will be saved by beauty." -Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement

How do I give?

Donations to support the choir can be made online my clicking here, or by phone or mail by contacting the University's Development Office:

  • By Telephone: (574) 631-7164
  • By Mail: 
    • Development Office 
      1100 Grace Hall
      University of Notre Dame
      Notre Dame, IN 46556

Please indicate your intent to donate to the Magnificat Choir on the check, pledge form, or by an accompanying letter or phone call. 

What are the choir's current needs?

  • Funding to purchase other new pieces to add to our choral library to insure the continual growth of the Magnificat Choir's musical skills
  • Funding to help the choir encourage the composition of new music for the Catholic Church and women's voices through commissioning new works and composition contests
  • Funding to bring our music ministry to future pilgrimages in partnership with the Holy Cross Missions (such as our 2019 pilgrimage to the Holy Cross Missions in Peru, South America)
  • Funding to bring in special guest musicians, lecturers, and other experts to connect the women of the choir with talented role models and ideas from outside our regular partners
  • Funding for transportation to bring the women to local communities and parishes

Does my donation count towards the ND Football Lottery?
Yes. Gifts to the Magnificat Choir do qualify toward fulfilling the minimum contribution limits for participation in the annual football ticket lottery, if received by December 31.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Patrick Kronner. (